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Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn After a year of being missing after a horrifying 'accident', Anneliese Rose Gordon stumbles out of a forest. She can't remember anything about herself. She only knows she's not the Anneliese everybody thinks she is.
Slowly, she is getting back her memories - memories that don't belong to Anneliese but to other girls who also went missing. And then there's the hunger deep inside of her.

4.5/5 stars

I can't even really summarize this because the ending was really confusing to me, but nevertheless, I enjoyed this book. It was supposed to be the last read of my summer holidays even though I finished it on the first day of school. Do you know those books that stay in your mind for a while even after you finish it? This was definitely one of them.
This book will suck you in and leave you wanting more. Except there won't be more, because it's a stand alone book. But considering it is a YA stand alone, everything did end up pretty neat.

One thing I really liked about Another Little Piece is how the narrator told the story. You really felt that this girl wasn't Anneliese because of the way how she talked. 'The mom/dad' instead of 'mom/dad' is a strong way to show that she definitely wasn't Anneliese.
Another thing was how well the gore-y things were described. It's one thing to see some gore in a movie and be freaked out, but it's another thing when the author can describe it and you just feel like you saw it in a movie. Needless to say, I had to take a break from reading for a few minutes before I could continue.

Her backstory was confusing, because the memories didn't come in a chronological order and you needed some time to place them right. But once you had most of those memories, you understood the backstory perfectly. I could even understand why she's become like that, even if it's nothing you'd do in your real life (except you're a sociopath or something along those lines).

While Another Little Piece could leave you with some confusion, I highly suggest you give this a try. If you enjoy good horror in a YA standalone, chances are you will be sucked in and really like (maybe even love? idk) this book.
So far this was one of my favourite books this year, right next to The Fault in our Stars.